Tales of the Maya Skies

Tales of the Maya Skies PosterImmerse yourself in the beauty of Chichén Itzá, Mexico, the “seventh wonder of the modern world.” Listen to the story of the ancient Maya civilization. Experience Tales of the Maya Skies.

With unprecedented realism Tales of the Maya Skies immerses us in Maya science, art and mythology, using full dome digital technology to transport us back into the world of the Maya.

Produced by Chabot Space & Science Center, Tales of the Maya Skies inspires and educates through its description of the Maya’s accurate astronomical achievements and how astronomy connected them to the Universe. Narration is provided by Lila Downs.

A Chabot Space & Science Center production. Major funding provided by the National Science Foundation. Supplementary funding provided by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú. In association with ARTS Lab/University of New Mexico, Digitrove, Inc., Institute for Learning Innovation, Institute for the Study and Integration of Graphical Heritage Techniques, and Palma VFX.

Additional information can be found at the show's website.

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Source URL: http://astro.fmarion.edu/catalog/tales-of-maya-skies

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