Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens

Poster for Saturn ProgramAudiences can enjoy an excursion through one of the most beautiful and majestic planetary systems in space by watching Saturn-Jewel of the Heavens. This production from Clark Planetarium is one of the first fulldome presentations to take actual images from NASA’S Cassini-Huygens mission and create a fully immersive 360-degree tour of one of the most amazing planets in the solar system.

Once a place of great mystery and beauty, Saturn has finally given up some of its long held secrets. Thanks to our modern robotic pioneers, we now know more about this ringed planet and its amazing system of rings and moons than ever before. This fulldome production incorporates information from the Cassini spacecraft’s Saturn mission and creates a three-dimensional photo-realistic tour of the planet, its rings and moons.

New information learned about Saturn and its system includes: 

  • Ice geysers exist on one moon and lakes of ethane exist on another…
  • Saturn’s ring system reshapes itself over time as billions of icy particles collide with each other and miniature moons carve out new gaps…
  • Cyclonic storms in Saturn’s atmosphere rage at 350 miles per hour, with central eyes over 50 miles deep.

While “Saturn” does include some of the best the best imagery from the Cassini-Huygens mission, it is far more than a slide show.  This original 37-minute Clark Planetarium Production will provide audiences an immersive experience that explores one of one of the most amazing and dynamic planetary collections of our solar system.

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