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Dooley Planetarium Private Group Reservation Request Form

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Requester Information
Group Information
Please provide a description of your group demographics. This will assist us in designing your program.
Adults are those 18 years of age and older. Please include estimates for the number of chaperones as well as teachers in this count.
Youths are those under the age of 18. Please include Grade 12 attendees in this count even if they are already 18.
We have 64 permanent reclined seats, so groups with more than 64 will have attendees sitting on additional chairs around the room. If your seats remaining is a negative number you have more than the 75 allowed for a single show. You will need to adjust your values or select the multiple show request option below.
Please select the grade level(s) of your group. This information is collected as part of our annual attendance statistics, but also assists us with determining which science standards we will cover in your show if requested below.
For those not registering a school (private or public) please provide an estimate on the age range of the attendees. For adults or senior citizen groups you do not need to complete this entry. This entry is used in our annual attendance statistics, but also assists us with planning your presentation.
Are there any special accommodations you need for your group or one of your attendees? We have four designated wheelchair areas in the planetarium, but can accommodate more. Please let us know and we will follow-up with you on any needs you may have.
Show Date(s) and Show Start Time(s)
Please use the availability calendar to check on dates before you complete this form. You will be required to submit at least one date and time. For those who selected the multiple dates option above you can submit them as well. Groups who need back to back show times will have their second show scheduled to start one hour after the first show.

This is your show start time, not your group arrival time. Please plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before this time. Late groups may have their show canceled or cut short if the operator has another event or class to go to.

  • Summer: Monday through Thursday can select any start time (morning or afternoon)
  • Fall/Spring: after August 21st we have limited times due to classes.
    • MWF start between 9 am and 10:15 am or after 12:30 pm
    • TTH start between 9 am and 11:30 am only
Presentation Style Requested
Please select the option that best describes the presentation you would like for your group. Pre-K groups can select the Sesame Street program for their fulldome show.
If you have specific topics you wish to request, please let us know. We may contact you to discuss these in more detail.
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