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Telescope Collection

The FMU Observatory currently offers the following combinations of telescopes and focal plane equipment.

Telescope Collection
Number in Service1312
Nominal focal length3910 mm2032 mm1300 mm350 mm
Nominal focal ratio (D/f)1/111/101/151/5
Focal length with 237 CCD camera3370 mmnot measurednot measurednot measured
Field of view with 40 mm eyepiece21'41'1 degree4 degree
Magnification with 40 mm eyepiece100X51X33X9X
Field of view with 6 mm eyepiece3.1'6.1'9'36'
Magnification with 6 mm eyepiece670X340X220X60X
Field of view for our detectors    
35 mm photographic film31' x 21'59' x 41'93' x 63'not possible
237 CCD camera (4.7 x 3.6 mm)4.7' x 3.6'8.0' x 6.1'12.4' x 9.5'46' x 35'

These are the major telescopes we have for use at the Observatory. Not listed below are two Meade 70-mm reflectors and our 3.5-inch Questar.

InstrumentSkyQuest IntelliScopeSchmidt-CassegrainSchmidt-CassegrainAchromatic RefractorSchmidt-NewtonianClassic Dobsonian
ModelXT12iC14C8AR-5ATSN-8ATXT 10
Diameter305 mm356 mm203 mm127 mm203 mm254 mm
Focal Length/F Ratio1500 mm, f/4.93910 mm, f/112032 mm, f/101180 mm, f/9.3812 mm, f/41200 mm, f/4.7
Highest Theoretical Magnification720X975X500X295X203X508 X
Resolving Power0.38 arc sec0.32 arc sec0.57 arc sec0.91 arc sec0.57 arc sec0.46 arc sec
Magnitude Limit15.015.314.
Solar FilterOff Axis Solar FilterOff Axis Solar FilterOff Axis Solar Filter (2)NoneNoneFull Apperature (2)
Mount TypeDobsonianEquatorial Wedge
Permanent Mount
Equatorial WedgeGerman EquatorialGerman EquatorialDobsonian
Weight83 lbs
full assembly
45 lbs21 lbs15 lbs + 35 lbs tripod24 lbs + 45 lbs tripod53.4 lbs
Number in Use213114
Purchased2005 and 200819811981200520052008