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Scheduling a Visit

If you are a teacher, camp organizer, group leader, director, etc. you can arrange for a private event at Dooley Planetarium. Follow the steps below to be taken to our Reservation Request Form. Public Shows do not require registration and are offered on a first come, first seated basis.

STEP 1: Determine how many shows you will need

A visit to the planetarium will not cost your group anything, but you may have to consider transportation and meals. We can handle groups up to 75 in one show. If you have more than 75 (including all attendees - students, teachers, chaperones) you can either look at having back-to-back presentations or book multiple show dates. Our minimum group size is 10 for a booking in the planetarium.

STEP 2: When to Come - Pick your potential dates

Visit the Availability Calendar and look for dates not marked Booked (this is a new system). These are open for programs. If you require an afternoon program you may need to contact us if a date you would like is not available on the calendar. Be careful not to select a date that says Unavailable, Booked, or University Closed. Write these down as the form date picker is not linked to this calendar unfortunately.

If you are planning on eating lunch here on campus you will need to contact additional people to arrange space (especially in the event of poor weather on your visit). If you want to eat in the cafeteria please contact Dining Services at 843-661-1260. They will need at least 2 weeks advance notice so they can plan for the additional meal preparation. Be sure to give them a call once Ms. Owens has sent you confirmation on your show date(s).

If you have a large group and want to eat outside please contact Mr. Steven Jackson at 843-661-4640. Mr. Jackson will arrange for additional garbage containers to be placed outside Cauthen. He will need at least a 1 week advanced notice of your group's plans so after you receive confirmation from Ms. Owens on your show date(s), please be sure to give him a call. The University is no longer assisting with poor weather alternatives for lunch locations.

STEP 3: What to see? - Pick your show content

Groups may opt to watch a fulldome video or have us present live. We can cover a wide variety of topics in a live show or even add content after watching a fulldome video. K-12 teachers can submit topics they need covered to meet any science standards. We will be in touch if we have any questions or additional ideas. We can also often add material right before a show or during the middle, but prefer having these details worked out prior to the show start time.

STEP 4: Now You Can Submit the Form

Once you have dates, times, and number of shows worked out you are ready to submit a request form. Our online form will allow you to put in your group information and select the dates for your show(s). Complete the captcha at the bottom of the form and then click submit. Once we receive the form it may take 1-2 business days before you receive a confirmation. During this time Ms. Owens will be checking with the operators to ensure someone is available for the dates and times you request.

The availability calendar is provided for those looking to schedule a private program for groups larger than 10. Public Shows do not require reservations and are open to all members of the public.